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  • Kevin with a Red Belly Black SnakeDangerously Venomous
  • Coastal Carpet PythonNon Venomous and harmless
  • Death AdderDangerously Venomous
  • Leah with a Coastal Carpet PythonNon Venomous
  • Spotted Black SnakeDangeroulsy Venomous - Closely related to the Red Belly Black Snake
  • Coastal Carpet PythonHarmless - Although can inflict a very nasty and painful bite.
  • Coastal TaipanDangerously Venomous
  • Collett's Black SnakeDangerously Venomous
  • Tiger SnakeDangerously Venomous
  • Leah & Kevin with some Bearded Dragons and a Frill Neck LizardHarmless - Central Bearded Dragons make wonderful pets and along with the Frill Neck Lizard, are mostly native to Central Australia.
  • Leah with a Freshwater CrocodileDangerous
  • Kevin with a Tiger SnakeDangerously Venomous
  • Leah with an Eastern Brown SnakeDangerously Venomous
  • King Brown SnakeDangerously Venomous - Also known as a Mulga
  • leah_frillnecklizard
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