Kevin Waddell discovered his passion for wildlife, especially with reptiles from a very young age. This fascination and passion only grew stronger and developed further as he matured into a successful wildlife entrepreneur and business owner that he is today.

Originally Kevin grew up in New Zealand and as most would know, New Zealand is not very well known for it’s abundance of reptiles. So to further develop his skills and interact with a larger selection of animals, he decided to move to the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia in late 2003.

Since moving to Australia, Kevin has completed a Masters Degree in Zoology, a Certificate 4 in Veterinary Nursing, First Aid, Blue Card, Damage Mitigation Permit from Queensland Parks & Wildlife and of course his Demonstrators Permit.

He has over 10 years experience with a vast majority of animals, has worked in Zoos, Marine Parks, Vet Clinics, Pet Stores and of course keeps and maintains his own private collection from home.

Kevin is highly passionate about reptiles and reptile education. He keeps and breeds over 50 Native Australian Snakes and this includes some of Australia’s highly Venomous Snakes.

With his friendly and bubbly personality, Kevin will provide a memorable, educational experience for all ages, that will not only last you a life-time, but will want you coming back for more.


Leah grew up in Grafton NSW before she relocated to sunny Queensland to complete a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Veterinary Technology.

Leah is also part owner in Aussie Wildlife Awareness and shares a passion in reptiles and Australia’s vast range of wildlife along with Kevin and the rest of the team. 

She also enjoys and excels in educating people in the importance of snake awareness and proper husbandry techniques for their pets.

This addictive reptile lover also has an interest in animal behaviour, training, conditioning and is currently studying an in-depth animal training course. She also has experience working in pet stores and within the veterinary industry. Leah particularly takes an interest in running puppy pre-schools and dog obedience classes. When Leah isn't working she enjoys hanging out with all of her native reptiles and training her beautiful Border Collie named Darty. 


Stephanie has always had a passion for native Australian wildlife growing up. After getting her first pet Blue Tongue Lizard at the age of 13 she would spend her spare time going on bush walks and testing her knowledge on identifying the local wildlife.

In the pursuit to constantly improve her understanding of Australian wildlife, Stephanie has completed a Venomous Snake Relocation Course as well as a Fauna-Handling Course. She spends most of her spare time with her reptile collection, bushwalks and personal interaction with our local Wildlife.

Stephanie also loves interacting with the public, teaching and sharing her own personal experiences when it comes to Australian Wildlife. Being a reptile lover herself, she has a particular passion for Venomous Snake Awareness and education in Australia. She strongly believes that many of our Venomous Snake species are very misunderstood, which drives her passion for Wildlife Awareness.

Stephanie has a very friendly, approachable personality and loves talking to anyone interested in reptiles and our vast array of natural Wildlife throughout Australia. So come and say hello to Stephanie at our Aussie Wildlife Awareness Shows, as she would love to teach you anything you need to know about our Native Wildlife.



From a very young age, Amy knew that she was going to spend her life working with animals.

Amy has been working with animals for 10 years and has completed studies in Captive Animal Management, Native Wildlife Rehabilitation and most recently Wildlife Veterinary Nursing.

When on holidays from her many animal jobs, Amy travels to Borneo and Sumatra to work with injured and orphaned orangutans at rehabilitation centers where she takes a very small but vital part in saving these endangered animals from extinction.

Amy has dedicated her life to saving every creature great and small, and has a very strong passion for Wildlife Education and is a welcome addition to Aussie Wildlilfe Awareness.





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