Have you ever smiled at a Crocodile?  Ever wondered what a Snake really feels like or how a Lizard might defend himself in the wild?

Our wonderful animals are conditioned to ensure you have a safe and fun-filled interaction with some Australian Native Wildlife.

We have a range of animals including cuddly Crocodiles, groovy Goannas, slithering Snakes, lovable Lizards and even spooky Spiders.

This unique experience will ensure your party will be adventure filled and jam-packed with fun, animals, gifts, games and of course education and reptile awareness.

If you want your child to know exactly what to do if he or she encounters a wild reptile then you need one of our Aussie Wildlife Birthday Parties.

Duration: 60 - 90 minutes


IMPORTANT: Additional costs may apply depending on location,
number of children and number of party rangers requested.



Australia is home to many of the worlds most venomous Snakes, some of which could be in your own backyard. This means that Snake awareness is important to all outside based businesses and communities. The close proximity between these dangerous yet misunderstood reptiles and our own homes and businesses, evokes the need for a heightened awareness in reptile behaviour and identification.

Our reptile awareness sessions provide you and your employees with information about Snake behaviour, venom effects, first aid for Snake bites, property maintenance and identification of Snakes local to the area. Site assessments are also offered with specific details in how to respond if a Snake is encountered. During our site assessments we often come across Venomous Snakes which we will gladly relocate free of charge.

Our Demonstration Reptile Pit gives you the opportunity to safely view the behaviour of different kinds of Snakes local to your area. They can be conducted either inside or outside with an unlimited number of guests.

This service would benefit but not be limited to local Businesses and Work sites, Airports, Councils and Governmental Agencies, Outdoor Sports and Leisure Clubs, Schools and Learning Centres. To improve your knowledge and understanding of reptile behaviour and interactions as well as increased Snake awareness for on-site assessment, then our Venomous Snake Awareness Shows are ideal for you.

Duration: 45-60minutes (we can tailor this to suit your needs)



Everybody wants to have the opportunity to learn about Australia's unique wildlife. What if you could safely interact and witness some of Australia's amazing animals right there and then?... and be able to walk away knowing just what they feel like and memories that will last a life-time!

Our shows will provide an educational and fun experience for all ages. We provide some great package prices for your special event that can be tailored to suit your needs.  here are some examples...

Option 1: Venomous Pit Show

The pit display allows us to  safely present a variety of the worlds most venomous Snakes, some of which are very common in the Brisbane/Gold Coast area. We offer educational talks every hour about our venomous Snakes including information on what to do if you encounter a Snake in the wild, first aid for Snake bites and provide opportunities for guests to learn about these incredible reptiles.

We also realise the need and fascination of getting up close and personal with our animals. For this reason we bring along a range of non venomous reptiles ie Pythons, Crocodiles and Lizards as well. These animals are available for the kids (and adults) to pat/hold with regular photo opportunities all day.

Option 2: Python and Lizard show

Our pit is used to allow the public to view the animals behaving naturally. We bring along our non venomous reptiles including a variety of Snakes, Crocodiles, Lizards and Monitors all of which the public can interact with and hold. Educational Reptile Awareness talks will be done hourly providing information such as; what to do if you see a Snake in the wild, reptile behaviour and distribution. Photos are also available for any individuals that are wanting to take this experience home for everybody to see.

Option 3: Roaming animals

Our rangers will be roaming with a variety of animals, answering questions on the animals displayed and on general reptile awareness. Our animals will be rotated and interactions will be provided to guests where they can touch the animals. Again, photo opportunities will be provided for those of which would like a closer interaction, and a special photo to remember the occasion. Photos will be routinely started each hour with a variety of animals ie small Crocodiles, Pythons and Lizards.

Cost: Prices will depend on location, chosen package and duration. All packages listed above can be altered to suit your needs.



Our Aussie Wildlife love the spotlight!...

Looking for an interesting and unique promotional event? Wanting to choose from a variety of safe animals that have been conditioned to our touch and love the camera? If you said yes... Than you just might need an Aussie Wildlife Event!

Our animals are available for Film, Promotional Events, Radio, Advertisements, Photography and much, much more.

We have a variety of Aussie Wildlife that are available for your promotional event, in different shapes, sizes and colours, small, large, scary and spooky, we have it all!  But at the same time... It's nice to know that our animals are extremely well conditioned for handling and would make your promotional a must see and memorable event for all your guests and crew!



Do you need something fun and interactive to wow your Shopping Centre Guests over the holidays? Than Aussie Wildlife Awareness can provide not only educational displays for mums and dads, but interactive and full-on fun that will keep the kids entertained for hours.

This is something that the whole family will remember forever. Something that provides them with a unique experience that they may have never seen before. The entire family will be provided with the knowledge, fun and life-time memories that they will take away with them for many years to come. So why not treat them to a display provided by Aussie Wildlife Awareness.

We believe that there is nothing more important than educating people on our native reptiles and their behaviour. Let us provide you with the experience of a lifetime involving Australia's amazing native reptiles.

Aussie Wildlife Awareness is home to a variety of reptiles. We display several of the worlds most venomous Snakes (some of which can be found in your own backyard), Pythons, Lizards, Skinks, Turtles and Crocodiles. Our animals are displayed in enclosures that are complete and furnished with natural settings so that your guests can understand the natural environment they would normally be found in whilst in the wild. Our amazing staff love to assist and answer all of your questions and help you learn about these fascinating yet misunderstood animals.

Our regular photo sessions will give your guests something to take home and remember their experience forever. It provides them with the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of our Crocodiles, Pythons, Lizards and Turtles. 

So what are you waiting for?... Book us now for your Shopping Centre to create a remarkable experience for your guests!



Australia is home to the most venomous Snakes in the world, some of which can be found in your own backyard, including school grounds. therefore It is important that our children are aware of Australia's Wildlife and what to do if they encounter these animals in the wild.

We understand that occasionally curiosity gets the better of some children and they want to get a closer look at these animals, this is where Aussie Wildlife Awareness becomes a great learning tool to our Schools and Early Learning Centres by providing Awareness Shows, which in-turn, offers your children the opportunity to interact with some of our Wildlife safely. 

We provide them with the information and tools they need so that they will know exactly what to do if they see a reptile or any other animal for that matter, wether it be in the animals own natural habitat, or in the child's own backyard or school playground.

Our Awareness Shows are fun and interactive with important information about our Wildlife and the important roles they play in maintaining our Eco-System.

(Content involved varies and is suited to the age of the audience) 

The children will also learn what to do if they see reptiles inside their own homes and how to avoid being  bitten .

Children instinctively want to interact with animals, so we give them an experience that they normally wouldn't have ever encountered in normal circumstances.  All our animals are hand-reared and are accustomed to being handled by people, therefore this gives them a chance to interact safely with all our animals.



Statistically, an average of 1 in 3 homes on the Gold Coast will have been visited by one of our many native snakes and this includes some of our most deadliest!!!

Aussie Wildlife Awareness also provides a relocation service located here on the Gold Coast. we rescue and relocate any reptiles that venture into your house or place of business.

Kevin Waddell is the current holder of a Damage Mitigation Permit issued by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Department.

All reptiles are protected by law! Don't put yourself at risk by trying to catch snakes or other reptiles on your own, even if you think it may not be dangerous!

Aussie Wildlife Awareness provide an ongoing and friendly service to the entire Gold Coast at very reasonable rates.  we are on call 24/7 and ready to assist in safely removing your scaly visitor to an area that is well out of harms way and human contact!

Please click on the following link: www.reptileremovalgoldcoast.com.au to be taken to our website, or if you wish to contact Kevin Waddell, please call: 0420 969 967 (Located in Nerang).





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